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  5. iPhone 8 will still come with headphone adapter, says analyst

iPhone 8 will still come with headphone adapter, says analyst

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Apple will bundle its forthcoming iPhone 8 with a headphone adapter, allaying fears that it would force users to buy new, wireless earbuds.

The same Lightning-to-3.5mm-headphone adapter that's bundled with the iPhone 7 will be included in the box this time around too, according to a Barclays analyst.

However, Apple will purportedly stop including it from 2018.

Apple courted controversy last year when it omitted the age–old 3.5mm headphone slot from the iPhone 7.

At the time, it said it had displayed ‘courage’ by doing so and that it was looking to push consumers towards wireless solutions, such as its AirPods.

While wired headphones do work with the iPhone 7, users must either have a pair with a dedicated connector, or use the adapter that comes with the device.

The fact that the latter will continue to be available will be a relief to many. However, it does not solve the issue of being able to listen to music over wired headphones while charging an iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to feature an all–new design, vertical VR camera and improved screen smarts when it launches later this year.



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