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Apple reveals new ‘Switch to iPhone’ website


Apple has unveiled a new web page aimed at enticing Android users considering switching to the iPhone.

The ‘Switch to iPhone’ page has been wholly redesigned from its previous, more basic iteration. There are now videos and teasers for Apple’s Move to iOS app, which explain the ease of making the move between operating systems.

Apple talks up the prowess of the iPhone’s camera and processor, as well as trailing its privacy policy, which it has long touted as being more robust than Google’s.

There are also explainers on how messaging is encrypted and how users can contact support staff to get them up and running on their new device.

The revamp comes as Apple looks to secure more switchers from Android, with the latter enjoying increased exposure due to new devices such as the well reviewed Samsung Galaxy S8, and the launch of Android O.

Sales of the iPhone have fallen in recent months, although this is likely due to anticipation of the wholly redesigned iPhone 8, due for release in September.

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