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iPhone 8: LG to make 3D facial recognition camera

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept

LG’s parts division has inked a deal with Apple to make 3D facial recognition cameras for the latter’s long–awaited iPhone 8.

Reports from Korea say that LG Innotek say that the company will use a new facility to specifically make the components for Apple.

The front–facing camera will be able to map faces in 3D, providing greater accuracy than the 2D version found on Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

The latter has come in for criticism for lacking security, allowing users to unlock the device using a photo.

LG already makes the dual lens camera system for Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, meaning it already has a strong relationship with the Californian tech giant.

LG’s major rival, Samsung is making OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 8.

The reports do not make clear if LG is experiencing issues with the 3D camera units.

Rumours have suggested that low-yield rates of the component could force Apple to push back the release of the iPhone 8 to November.


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