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iPhone demand slows as excitement over new model grows


Sales of current-generation iPhones showed a surprise decline between January and March this year, with analysts and even Apple executives laying the blame on demand for the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple sold 50.76 million iPhones in the first quarter of this year, a drop from 51.193 million in the same period in 2016.

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While that would usually be a cause for concern, Apple believes that the growing hype around the iPhone 8 is leading consumers to hold on until the new model launches, most likely in September.

Speaking on a conference call after Apple revealed its latest sales figures, CEO Tim Cook said: “We're seeing what we believe to be a pause in purchases on iPhone, which we believe are due to the earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones.”

Rumours about the iPhone 8 have been rife for months, with reports focusing on plans for an all–screen front, vertical camera and new 3D facial recognition tech.

The device is expected to come with an all–new design too. Considering last year’s iPhone 7 stuck with the same look as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, it’s unsurprising that consumers are willing to wait for something different.

The only major issue centres around the launch date. While Apple will probably reveal the iPhone 8 in September, supply constraints may mean it doesn’t go on general sale until November.

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