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  5. OnePlus 5 is much smaller than OnePlus 3T, official Tweet hints

OnePlus 5 is much smaller than OnePlus 3T, official Tweet hints

OnePlus 5 leak hero image

The OnePlus 5 will be considerably sleeker and more compact than the 3T, a none-too-cryptic Tweet from the phone-maker suggests.

Deploying language seemingly lifted straight out of a fantasy epic, the post counsels us to ‘look into the shadows’ cast by its current-gen top-end phone, the 3T.

Had a look? Can’t see anything? Us neither. But that’s surely because OnePlus is hinting that its forthcoming handset is a super-trim thing. So much so that its edges aren’t even visible when placed under the 3T.

That’s in line with OnePlus CEO Peter Lau’s statement that the phone will be the ‘thinnest flagship phone’.

He didn’t say whether that was the thinnest handset in the OnePlus range or the thinnest on the market full stop. So we’ll likely have to wait for the phone’s official reveal to find out.

Eagle-eyed sub-editors will also notice the second part of OnePlus’ Tweet spells ‘see’ with a ‘5’ in place of the ‘s’.


You don’t need to be Mycroft Holmes to read that as a strong hint that the next-gen phone will indeed be called the OnePlus 5.

The latest news from the OnePlus grapevine comes after the company last week heavily trailed its soon-to-debut handset’s camera capabilities.

Lau has also confirmed that the phone will feature an 835 Snapdragon processor to keep things ticking over.

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