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  5. All iPhones to have OLED screens from iPhone 9 onwards

All iPhones to have OLED screens from iPhone 9 onwards


The iPhone 8 is rumoured to be the first iPhone with an OLED screen, but the high-end displays will soon be standard across the range, according to one rumour.

Nikkei Asian Review has spoken to two sources who claim all iPhones will use the advanced screen tech from the second half of 2018 onwards.

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At the moment, all iPhones use LCD screens. OLED is a superior technology, as it doesn't require backlighting. That means it can give truer black levels, making for a more realistic image quality.

If all iPhones were to use OLED screens, image quality would be boosted across the range.

Apple's arch rival Samsung supplies the screens for the iPhone. It also makes OLED panels, so if Apple did make the switch – as seems likely – Samsung would likely make a hefty profit.

Samsung uses OLED screens in its own handsets.

The iPhone 8 is expected to launch in September, and we've likely got another year after that before the iPhone 9 is announced. So a lot could change before then.

The iPhone 8 is said to have extremely slim bezels, allowing for a full-face display. This will let it boast a bigger screen without enlarging the handset's footprint.

This surely isn't the last we've heard of the iPhone 8, or iPhone 9 for that matter. We'll bring you more news as we get it.


Nikkei Asian Review

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