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  5. Apple ditches iPod nano and shuffle as iPhone 8 looms

Apple ditches iPod nano and shuffle as iPhone 8 looms

ipod touch 6th gen

Apple has discontinued the iconic iPod nano and iPod shuffle, just weeks ahead of the launch of the hugely anticipated iPhone 8.

The arrival of the original version of the iPhone spelled the end for Apple’s one–time bestseller, with users able to listen to music on their smartphones instead.

Alongside Spotify, Apple Music, the California company’s streaming service, has also meant that the demand for personally owned, locally stored music has dwindled in recent years.

The move means that Apple now only sells one iPod model, the iPod touch. It’s now available in two versions - 32GB and 128GB - for £199 and £299 respectively.

Both gadgets are compatibile with the latest iOS software, meaning users will be able to download iOS 11 when it launches alongside the iPhone 8 in September.

Apple has always been happy to see its own, newer hardware cannibalise older products. The larger iPhone 7 Plus, for instance, has ensured that demand for the smaller iPad mini has fallen rapidly.



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