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Apple rivals rumoured to be delaying new phones until after iPhone 8


Apple’s smartphone rivals are delaying the launch of their forthcoming phones and adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach towards the Californian company’s iPhone 8, for fear of not being able to offer similar high–end features.

That’s according to supply-chain sources, who claim that orders at chip manufacturers are down compared with previous years.

They say that orders usually ramp up significantly from April and peak around August, but that in 2017 this pattern has not emerged.

While Samsung is readying its new Galaxy Note 8 for launch on 23rd August and seemingly has no concerns about the iPhone 8, talk of a hold-up tallies with plans for Google’s updated Pixel handsets and potential pre–Christmas launches from big names like LG and Sony.

None of these phones are expected until much later in the year.

The iPhone 8’s potential roster of killer features, including 3D facial recognition, vertical dual lens camera and in–screen fingerprint scanning, means that competitors could easily release devices that look and feel dated by comparison.

The danger is that by waiting and reacting, they then appear to be copying Apple’s top–end features in order to claw back sales.

The iPhone 8 is expected to launch in early September.

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