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  5. iPhone 8: Apple software reveals plans for ‘Face Detect’

iPhone 8: Apple software reveals plans for ‘Face Detect’


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 8 appears certain to include facial recognition security, after evidence was found buried in newly released software.

An eagle–eyed iOS developer found a series of references to ‘Face Detect’ in firmware released for Apple’s HomePod, the Amazon Echo–alike speaker the company unveiled in June at its WWDC event and which is powered by iOS 11.

The mentions of Face Detect, including plans for infrared capture, were found where Touch ID code is usually placed, suggesting Apple is either looking to replace fingerprint scanning security or supplement it with facial recognition.

face detect iphone 8

The latter seems a more likely course of action, despite some rumours claiming Apple would ditch Touch ID altogether due to problems placing it behind the iPhone 8’s screen.

This is the first time details from inside Apple have given us a look at what to expect from the iPhone 8, with previous reports having emerged from the company's Asian supply chain.

The iPhone 8 is due to launch in September.

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