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iPhone 8 set to feature 3D laser


Apple looks set to include a rear–facing 3D laser on the forthcoming iPhone 8, in a bid to ensure first-rate augmented reality (AR) and improve camera autofocus.

A source with knowledge of Apple’s plans claims the company is working on bringing the tech to its newest handset, although it could slip to 2018 with a launch date now just two months away.

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Incorporating a 3D laser to the iPhone 8 might sound like a gimmick, but it could vastly improve depth of field, something which will allow developers to create more accurate, impressive AR apps.

Apple revealed ARKit, a software tool for developers, during its WWDC event in June.

The aim is to make AR ubiquitous, with apps able to overly virtual scenes across real life ones as seen through the iPhone 8’s screen.

The laser will also help improve autofocus when taking pictures. This boost should help ensure the iPhone 8 has this year’s best smartphone camera.

Apple is likely to unveil the iPhone 8 at a special event in September, with an on-sale date expected in October.


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