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  5. One-quarter of Britons think EU roaming charges no longer apply

One-quarter of Britons think EU roaming charges no longer apply

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Confusion reigns over roaming charges in the EU, a uSwitch survey has revealed, leaving millions at risk of racking up huge bills when they holiday abroad this summer.

From April 30th, the EU is capping charges for smartphone users across the Continent. Outgoing calls will be capped at €0.05 per minute (about 3p), while incoming calls are capped at €0.014 per minute (less than a penny).

The maximum cost for texts will be set at €0.02 per message (about a penny), while data will be capped at €0.05 per megabyte (about 3p).

However, perhaps because the EU was initially supposed to scrap charges entirely in 2015 before reneging on its pledge, over a quarter (27%) of Britons now believe using their phone in Europe will not cost extra.

At the other extreme, mixed messaging over roaming charges and fear of racking up large bills means that more than six in ten (62%) Britons are afraid to use their handsets in EU nations. And just over a third (35%) don’t use their phones abroad at all.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: “Waiting until June 2017 for EU roaming to incur no additional cost is both frustrating and confusing for mobile users.

“But there is a silver lining - this should be the final price drop before roaming charges are abolished in the EU for good.

“These price drops are especially good news for any Brits planning a summer trip to the Continent – and football fans heading to France for the Euros, too – but until EU roaming charges are fully abolished consumers should still be aware of the pitfalls.”

Doku added: “For example, a £40 cap applied by networks and designed to protect mobile users from bill shock only covers charges for data, and not calls or text messages. Our research reveals that more than a quarter of mobile customers who know about the £40 cap are completely unaware of this.”

“Although some networks are going above and beyond to make sure roaming is affordable, like Three’s Feel At Home and iD’s TakeAway plan, networks across the board could do more to reduce consumer vulnerability to additional charges."

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014/15 2016 2017
Date of price change 30th Aug 30th Aug 1st Jul 1st Jul 1st Jul 1st Jul 1st Jul 1st Jul 30th April 15th Jun
Call (per min) €0.49 €0.46 €0.43 €0.39 €0.35 €0.29 €0.24 €0.19 €0.05 €0.00
Incoming call (per min) €0.24 €0.22 €0.19 €0.15 €0.11 €0.08 €0.07 €0.05 €0.0114 €0.00
Text Not regulated Not regulated €0.11 €0.11 C€0.11 €0.09 €0.08 €0.06 €0.02 €0.00
Data (per MB) Not regulated Not regulated Not regulated Not regulated Not regulated €0.70 €0.45 €0.20 €0.05 €0.00

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