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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 set for 23rd August launch


Samsung’s long–awaited Galaxy Note 8 will be launched on 23rd August. The Korean company sent out a teaser trailer and invite to a special Samsung Unpacked event in New York.

In a statement, Samsung promised that the handset would be ‘the ultimate multitasking device’, while also claiming it was, ‘...specifically designed for people who move through barriers to do more of what matters to them.’

Lofty claims aside, the Galaxy Note 8 promises to be one of 2017’s best smartphones.

While Samsung has not revealed the device’s specs, a series of leaks suggest it will feature a dual lens camera, huge 6.3–inch screen and up to 6GB of RAM.

The battery, though, is likely to be smaller than that found in last year’s Galaxy Note 7. That phone was beset with problems due to overly large power packs which caused a few of the handsets to explode. Samsung was forced to discontinue the phone after a global outcry.

Samsung will be hoping that by launching the Galaxy Note 8 in August it will be able to take the shine off of Apple’s iPhone 8, which is expected in early September.



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