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iPhone 8 facial recognition will support Apple Pay, third party apps


Apple’s iPhone 9 facial recognition tech looks set to support Apple Pay, as well as working with third party apps.

That’s according to research conducted by developer Guilherme Rambo, who has been delving into HomePod speaker software which Apple slipped out last week and has already given up a swathe of details about the iPhone 8.

In code strings that reference ‘Pearl’, Apple’s codename for its facial recognition tech. Rambo has found reference to the ability to make payments and apps having access to the technology. He also claims it will be able to recognise multiple

It’s not yet clear if these apps will be limited to Apple’s own, or if developers will be able to bake in facial recognition into their own creations, as they can with Touch ID.

As more and more leaks appear in the weeks before the iPhone 8’s official launch, it now seems that Apple’s facial detection system will completely replace Touch ID.

That means the device will not have a fingerprint scanner, possibly as a byproduct of Apple not being able to build one into the screen of its flagship handset.

The facial scanning tech, thought to have the official name Face Detect, tracks faces in 3D using infrared tech.

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 8 at a special event next month.



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