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iPhone 8: Fingerprint scanner may return in 2018 model

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Apple appears to have patented a new way to place a Touch ID fingerprint scanner beneath the display of its iPhone.

However, the new tech will come too late for the forthcoming iPhone 8, which is set to launch without Touch ID, instead relying on 3D facial recognition for security purposes and Apple Pay.

The new patent details a method of reading fingerprints using acoustic transducers to work out the contours of a user’s fingerprint, unlocking their device in a split second.

This approach does not read a fingerprint with a scan in the same way that Touch ID currently does on top–end iPhones and iPads.

Apple has struggled in the past year to find a way to include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8 while also getting rid of the home button. It appears it has decided that ditching the latter is more important than keeping the former.

Those who prefer to have their finger scanned rather than their face will be pleased to know Apple is still working on this tech, and could include it in 2018’s iPhone range.


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