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iPhone 8: New internal pics confirm specs


A newly leaked image of Apple’s iPhone 8 appears to confirm a number of the headline specs revealed in reports over the past nine months.

A staffer at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn has posted a show of the internal makeup of Apple’s new smartphone to Chinese social media site Weibo, revealing plans for wireless charging, a dual lens camera and a specially designed logic board made to accommodate a bigger battery.

The wireless charging coil is the most obvious component, a round disc sitting in the middle of the iPhone 8. This will likely sit on a new charging device, which Apple will unveil alongside its updated handset.

The dual lens camera’s vertical design is evident, showing that Apple will switch up its camera design in order for it to work with VR headsets.

The switch a to a stacked logic board has left a large gap for a bigger battery. This change means Apple will not need to make the iPhone 8 thicker than previous models in order to give it greater power.

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 8 at a special event in September.



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