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iPhone 8 virtual home button plans detailed


The iPhone 8’s on screen, virtual home button will be resizable, with the ability to hide when apps are in full screen mode.

That’s the word from Steven Troughton–Smith, one of a number of developers who have been delving ever deeper into code released for Apple’s HomePod speaker to find details about the iPhone 8.

Troughton–Smith says that from the code strings he has discovered, he believes there will be tab bars for navigation below the virtual home area too.

With the iPhone 8 set to have an all–screen front, this means that a small section at the bottom may not be useable for apps, web browsing and other functionality.

Apple’s decision to ditch the home button which has been the key design marker of its iPhone range since it first launched in 2007 is perhaps the most obvious change with this year’s flagship.

The HomePod software has already alerted Apple watchers to plans for a complex new facial recognition system, as well as slow motion 4K video recording with both rear and front facing cameras.

The iPhone 8 is set to launch next month.



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