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Apple set to boost iPhone cameras' megapixel count

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Apple is said to be working on improved camera modules for future-generation iPhones, with the news that the California company has taken up the entire capacity of a new component factory in Taiwan.

The iPhone 8's well regarded camera comes in at 12 megapixels. That doesn't sound like much. But its lens tech and neat 'bokeh' mode for close-ups help give it the edge over competitors.

However, it seems smartphone camera manufacturer Largan has been brought on board by Apple to help improve things further, after the likes of OnePlus and Samsung's recent phones made great strides towards catching up.

The bad news is that, according to sources cited by Digitimes, production of new camera units will begin in October this year.

That falls too late for the larger megapixel sensors to make it into this year’s iPhone 8, with any boost unlikely to be seen until late 2018.

Largan’s new factory is said to have enough capacity to build 600 million camera lens modules per month.

Apple’s new dual lens cameras and front–facing modules mean that it will make serious demands on its imaging partner over the coming years.



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