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  5. iPhone 8 / iPhone X pre–orders set to start 15th September, rumours suggest

iPhone 8 / iPhone X pre–orders set to start 15th September, rumours suggest


The iPhone 8 will be made available for pre–order on 15th September, three days after its big reveal at a special launch event at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theatre.

That’s according to German tech-watchers, who claim that networks in their country are getting set to handle pre–orders from that date.

Previous rumours pointed towards the iPhone 8, or iPhone X as it may be known, going on sale on 22nd September.

This date still stands, with handsets available to buy in stores and online from this date.

The real issue is whether Apple has enough iPhone 8 smartphones to satisfy what is likely to be huge demand for its tenth anniversary edition phone.

Want more iPhone 8 news? We've collated all the speculation for our rumours round-up.

Stories continue to circulate about parts suppliers only managing to deliver components to assembly lines in late August, suggesting there will not be enough time to manufacture sufficient iPhone 8 handsets to go around.

Some analysts have long claimed that Apple will not be able to catch up with demand until November at the earliest.

The updated smartphone is set to feature a new edge–to–edge display, vertical dual lens camera and 3D facial recognition.

iPhone 8 is just one of many Apple products landing next week. Here's the five key things to look out for at the launch.



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