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iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Samsung to blame for potentially high cost


The high cost of the iPhone 8 could be due to Samsung charging Apple a premium price to supply the OLED screens for its new top–end phone, it has been claimed.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo says that Samsung’s position as the sole supplier of OLED screens and other essential display components means it has been able to charge Apple a hefty fee for its services.

Many Apple-watchers believe the iPhone 8 could cost as much as £1,000 SIM–free, with some predicting an even higher price for models with large storage.

Apple struck a deal with Samsung earlier this year to deliver millions of OLED displays for the new iPhone.

However, a series of supply-chain reports suggest Apple is looking to develop its own OLED supply from 2018, bringing on board Taiwanese manufacturers who will help drive costs down.

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Of this year's trio of soon-to-be-announced iPhones, only the iPhone 8 will feature OLED tech.

The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, which are thought to be relatively minor upgrades from the current-generation models, are thought to come with standard LCD panels.

All will be officially revealed at Apple’s annual iPhone event on 12th September.



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