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  5. iPhone X Face ID won’t work for kids or those with twins

iPhone X Face ID won’t work for kids or those with twins

iPhone X Face ID facial

The iPhone X’s headline-grabbing Face ID tech will not work properly for children under the age of 13, or those who have identical twins or siblings who look very similar.

While pre-teens are unlikely to be iPhone X-owners, Apple has issued guidelines saying that mature users with a similar-looking sibling should avoid using Face ID and use a passcode to unlock their phone instead.

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Children's faces are not developed enough for Face ID to work properly, says Apple, meaning the security system could be easier to bypass.

During the iPhone X’s launch event, Apple was at pains to say just how secure Face ID is and claimed it was even harder to game than its fingerprint scanning Touch ID technology, found on the iPhone 8 and older versions of its smartphone.

Apple has also said that developers will not be able to fully access Face ID’s tech, preventing them from making their own version of the security tech.

However, a more basic version will still work with third-party apps.

The iPhone X is due to go on pre–order from 23rd October, with a release date of 3rd November.

The handset also features a new, all–screen design and improved dual lens camera with augmented reality capabilities.

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