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iPhone X could be the official name of iPhone 8


Apple’s flagship tenth anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone X, it has been claimed, with two other new models based on last year’s handsets set to be dubbed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

That’s according to a source speaking with Dutch tech site iCulture. Their claims tally with another report regarding the slightly tweaked models from last year.

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However, the name iPhone X has been disputed in some circles, with sources in China saying the device will be called the iPhone Edition.

The latter would put the new top–end iPhone alongside the Apple Watch Edition, the most expensive version of the California company’s smartwatch.

The iPhone X name has long been floated as an alternative to the iPhone 8 and would certainly make more sense what with the handset marking ten years since the launch of Apple’s first smartphone.

Whatever its name, the new high–end phone is set to feature a bezel–free display, 3D facial scanning and a vertical dual lens camera.

It's due to be unveiled on 12th September.



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