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Apple working on iPhone with Apple Pencil support


Apple is priming a version of the iPhone that will work with its Apple Pencil stylus. That’s the word from a Korean ‘industry source’, who says the phone could be out in 2019.

The move would mark a radical departure for Apple, which has always relied on finger input for its smartphone’s touchscreen.

It’s believed Apple engineers are looking at how such a device would work, with the California company enlisting the help of dedicated stylus manufacturers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has always relied on an ‘S Pen’ to make the most of its features. This has become increasingly high tech in recent years, with features such as Air Command allowing users to interact with their phone via dedicated menus and features that work specifically with the stylus.

The Apple Pencil launched in 2016 with the iPad Pro. Aimed at creatives, it’s a feature which has built up a cult following among designers and illustrators. It allows for precision mark ups and pixel by pixel drawing.

How it would work with the iPhone remains to be seen. And as Steve Jobs once famously dismissed styluses, saying in 2010, “If you see a stylus, they blew it”, it’ll be interesting to see Tim Cook and co justify such a move to Apple’s fanbase.


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