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iPhone X: iPhone Upgrade Program customers get pre–order ‘head start’

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Apple has announced that customers on its iPhone Upgrade Program can get a ‘head start’ on iPhone X pre–orders, starting today, 23rd October.

In a notification sent to users of its upgrade program, Apple said, “Use the Apple Store app on your iPhone to get ready for pre-order so you can speed through checkout.”

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In practice, this means users will be able to gain approval for the loan they’ll need to take out to pay Apple for a new iPhone X on a monthly basis. The hope is that it'll make it faster to checkout when pre–orders go live at 8.01am UK time this Friday.

Apple is at pains to point out that iPhone Upgrade Program customers won’t be guaranteed to get an iPhone X before anyone else.

There remains plenty of confusion about just how much stock Apple has available and how long those who manage to buy an iPhone X this Friday will have to wait to take delivery of their new phone.

The iPhone Upgrade Program ‘head start’ is only available to those who are already signed up, meaning new customers will have to pre–order as planned.

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