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Spotify comes to Google Assistant


Spotify has announced that it will soon work with Google Assistant, allowing users to control tunes on the latest Android devices through voice commands.

Until now, those who’ve wanted to access and use Spotify hands–free using Google products have been limited to the Google Home smart speaker.

Now though, the Swedish streaming platform says it will work with any Android device that supports Google Assistant. That means all of the latest Google–backed smartphones will play nice.

To get things up and running, users have to link their Spotify account to Google Assistant and set it as their primary streaming service.

From then it’s simply a case of asking it to play specific tracks, albums or playlists. Assistant will understand whether you ask ‘OK Google, play Spotify’ or ‘OK Google, play my Discover Weekly playlist’.

The move means that Spotify is far more deeply integrated with Android than ever before, with users no longer have to resort to Google’s less popular streaming service to play music via voice control.

Spotify says support for Google Assistant will start rolling out in the coming weeks.



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