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Apple Augmented Reality glasses move step closer

iPhone VR headset hero image

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s keen interest in augmented reality (AR) appears to have gone up a notch, with the news that the California tech giant has bought AR headset start-up Vrvana for $30 million.

The move adds flesh to the bones of rumours about Apple’s plan to launch its own AR headset by 2020.

Last month, Cook said that current technology did not allow for AR glasses to be launched ‘in a quality way’, but did say that he believed AR would have as much as an impact on tech as the App Store.

Vrvana developed its own AR headset, Totem, which mixed virtual and augmented reality, with the ability for users to see real-world as well as virtual views via special lenses.

Its staff are now said to be working at Apple offices in the US.

Apple has not confirmed the acquisition, but has not denied it either. This is standard procedure when major companies acquire start-ups such as Vrvana.

However, today’s news is likely to fuel rumours that Apple is serious about offering a standalone AR product by the end of the decade.

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