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Google Maps get new, colour coded look


Google has made a series of changes to the design of its ubiquitous Maps, with a new colour-coding and icons scheme designed to make the service easier to use.

Users of both Google’s iPhone and Android Maps app will start noticing the changes over the coming weeks.

The search giant says it will start showing the most relevant information to users depending on which tool they're using.

That means petrol stations will show up more clearly when using the Navigation function, with train stations and bus stops flagged within Transit.

Best of all, Google has now changed its previous approach of marking all points of interest in blue, switching to a smarter colour–coded system.

The upshot is that food and drink outlets are marked as orange, shops in blue, entertainment and leisure in seafood and outdoor activities in green. There also now icons for road closures and accidents.

The changes should make the world’s favourite mapping app much easier to use, giving it the edge on the ever improving Apple Maps.



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