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  5. Apple exec slams Face ID rivals: ‘They all stink’

Apple exec slams Face ID rivals: ‘They all stink’

iPhone X Face ID facial

Apple’s top marketing exec has given his very frank opinion on rival mobile makers’ efforts at facial recognition, telling reporters that ‘they all stink’.

Phil Schiller, known for his outspoken defence of Apple’s products (he said the decision to ditch the 3.5mm from the iPhone 7 showed ‘courage’), added that Face ID’s security credentials meant that it stood out from the competition.

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“They don't work in all the ways we need Face ID to work,” Schiller told Dutch website Brighter. He added that because Touch ID and the home button on older iPhones offered so much functionality, including access to Apple Pay, Siri and multitasking, Face ID had to fulfil the same all encompassing role in the iPhone X.

“For Face ID we needed the best way we know of to enable us to easily unlock our device with our face, in a protected way with the Secure Enclave, and support all these other things,” said Schiller. “We had to solve all of that. Other things that people have tried with face haven't been anything like that.”

Face ID is the biggest addition to the iPhone range, with Apple dropping fingerprint scanning in favour of a system that can unlock the iPhone X with just a glance.



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