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  5. New iOS update will let iPhone owners disable battery slowdowns

New iOS update will let iPhone owners disable battery slowdowns


The next version of Apple's iOS operating system will allow users to disable intentional battery slowdowns, it has been announced.

Speaking with ABC News in the US, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised again for its policy of slowing down older iPhones, but insisted this was due to ageing batteries and a wish to boost the longevity of its devices. Not, as some have speculated, to force users to upgrade.

An update to iOS 11 will be out in March addressing the issue, said Cook, adding that it would give users full details on the health of their batteries for the first time.

“We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent. This hasn’t been done before,” he said.

Cook said that the fresh version of its operating system will clearly show when a device’s performance is being slowed in order to stop battery drain or a shutdown.

And best of all, users will be able to stop such performance slowdowns, although Cook said this was not recommended.

Apple has faced a huge backlash over the performance of its iPhones, with the company slashing the cost of replacement batteries to just £25 in a bid to win back consumers’ trust.

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