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  5. Apple could refund users who paid £79 to replace battery

Apple could refund users who paid £79 to replace battery

iPhone battery being replaced

Apple is weighing up paying refunds to those who paid £79 for a replacement iPhone battery, as the fallout surrounding its decision to slow down ageing smartphones refuses to dampen down.

Responding to a question from the US Senate about whether Apple was considering paying a rebate to those who forked out full price for a new battery, the company’s public policy chief Cynthia C Hogan said: “Yes, we are exploring this and will update you accordingly.”

Apple slashed the price of out–of–warranty replacement batteries from £79 to £25 at the start of 2018, in a bid to win back consumers’ trust after it was revealed it used new iOS software to slow down older iPhones.

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However, while the programme has breathed new life into some models, those who paid out before Apple confirmed its tactic of tweaking the performance of old iPhones have been left fuming and out of pocket.

Any such rebate would be complex to arrange and extremely costly.

It’s also likely Apple would only offer refunds to those who had their iPhone battery replaced through official Apple resellers or in its own stores.

Separately, Apple has said the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will not feel the effects of battery management when updated to the next version of iOS 11.


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