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Over 150 new emoji set for iPhone and Android


iPhone and Android users will be getting 157 new emoji later this year, after final update plans were revealed by the Unicode Consortium.

Adding to the existing 2,666 emoji, the new icons include redheads for the first time, as well as superheroes and supervillains, a host of new smileys including cold face and hot face, plus a raft of new animals.

The latter includes badgers, hippos, swans and peacocks. The Unicode Consortium is also updating its food emoji to include salt, mango and bagels among others.

An exact release date for this latest slew of emojis has not been set.

But considering Apple and Google tend to include any major changes when they fully overhaul their mobile operating systems, the wait could be a long one.

iOS 12 is not due out until late 2018, while Android P will likely be released in late summer, but then only for Google–branded devices.

That means Samsung, LG and Sony owners may be waiting until early 2019 to see these updates.

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