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Apple AirPods 2 set to feature noise cancelling and longer battery life

Updated wireless headphones not expected to launch until 2019.

Apple’s second generation AirPods will feature noise cancelling technology, longer battery life, improved Wi–Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and waterproofing, according to a new analyst report.

Tech-watchers from Barclays made the predictions after speaking with Apple’s Asian suppliers.

They say the AirPods 2 are unlikely to launch until early 2019, with Apple still battling to meet demand for the current edition of its wireless headphones.

AirPods have been a surprise hit for Apple since launching in late 2016, with Barclays predicting the California company could sell as many as 30 million this year.

What else is on the way from Apple in 2018? We take a look.

Barclays say Apple is likely to tweak the design of the AirPods 2, whole backing up previous claims that they could include the W2 chipset found in the Apple Watch Series 3 to improve Wi–Fi efficiency.

Siri is also likely to be built in, with the potential for the AirPods 2 to answer requests and possibly identify songs, especially in light of Apple’s recent acquisition of Shazam.

Waterproofing would be welcomed by fitness fanatics, with concerns raised among runners and outdoor types about the AirPods failing when used in bad weather or during intense workouts.



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