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Apple could drop notch from 2019 iPhones

Move comes as Android rivals look to take on Apple’s current design.
iPhone X web browsing notch screen hero size

Apple will drop the controversial notch from its 2019 iPhone lineup, opting for a full–screen design instead.

That’s the word from sources close to Apple’s OLED screen suppliers in Asia, who say that the California company has already started working on plans for next year’s take on the iPhone X.

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It’s believed the TrueDepth camera and other sensors housed within the notch could be placed behind the screen, therefore allowing Apple to offer a more streamlined finish.

The notch design on the iPhone X drew criticism for looking like an afterthought.

Sales of the iPhone X have also been sluggish compared with analyst predictions, although that is also likely due to its late launch and high price tag.

The change in design won’t come soon enough for the planned iPhone X Plus, which is due to launch later this year.

The news comes as notches are beginning to appear in phones from rival manufacturers too.

Huawei’s new P20 phones apparently features one, while Google is said to be bringing support for notch designs to its Android P software.


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