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  5. LG G7 may let users turn off ‘notch’

LG G7 may let users turn off ‘notch’


LG’s forthcoming G7 is set to allow users to switch between a ‘normal’ and ‘full view’ mode, with a new leak revealing the company’s plans to allay concerns about the device’s iPhone X–style notch.

A recent image of the new LG device, taken at Mobile World Congress, confirmed that the phone would come with a notch at the top of the screen to house a front–facing camera and other sensors.

This latest news, though, via a leaked video of the device, suggests users can circumvent it by opting for a ‘normal’ view. This blacks out the area on either side of the notch for a more traditional look.

Google has revealed that its new Android P software will support phones with notches. Huawei’s upcoming P20 range utilises one, with more companies expected to copy Apple’s approach.

For its part, Apple is rumoured to be dropping the notch in 2019, leaving its rivals with a design that few consumers have warmed to.



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