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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 set to feature in–screen fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 set to feature in–screen fingerprint scanner

New report flies in face of previous rumours suggesting tech wasn’t ready.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept rumours hero image

Samsung will include an in–screen fingerprint scanner in its next–generation Galaxy Note 9, with sources saying the company’s display division has the tech primed and ready to go.

An anonymous source speaking with The Korea Herald said: “Samsung Display has prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside of the main display, and both are seriously considering one of the solutions.” 

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It’s believed Samsung will finalise the Galaxy Note 9’s design by the end of March, with a view to launching the phone in August.

Until now, it had been widely rumoured that Samsung had not been able to develop the tech sufficiently for it to work in any of its 2018 phones.

A recent report pointed towards next year’s Galaxy S10 coming with an in–screen fingerprint scanner.

The tech is seen as being difficult to produce in large quantities, hence Samsung’s previous reticence about bringing it to its Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung’s insistence on bringing the updated security feature to the Galaxy Note 9 will allow it to stand out from its rivals.

However, with 3D facial scanning fast becoming the must–have function for top–end smartphones, it may well be that Samsung’s move will not entice new consumers.

An in–screen fingerprint scanner will allow Samsung to streamline the design of the Galaxy Note 9, offering a cleaner look compared with previous models, as well as leaving more space inside for a larger battery.


The Korea Herald

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