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Samsung plotting over–the–air wireless charging

samsung wireless charging

Samsung is working on its own over–the–air (OTA) wireless charging solution, which would allow users to power up their phones without having to connect to a power source or charging mat.

A just-discovered patent, which was first filed in 2016, shows Samsung readying a product that would charge a phone by reflecting a charging signal around a room.

Plans for such tech are nothing new. Throughout 2017 there were reports that Apple was working on its own OTA charging platform.

That never materialised, with Apple instead falling back on a charging mat solution.

The company’s own AirPower mat is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

Samsung’s solution would be a game changer. But with OTA charging tech still in its infancy, don’t expect to see it on any Galaxy smartphone until well into the 2020s.



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