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SMARTY will offer inclusive roaming from June 2018

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SMARTY customers will be able to use their UK data, calls and texts allowances for no extra charge while travelling overseas this June, it has been confirmed.

Since launching in September 2017, SMARTY has been a UK-only network. So if customers go overseas, they aren’t able to use their phone on SMARTY.

That means that if they want to roam, their best bet is buying a SIM from another network to use while they’re away.

But that’s about to change. And just in time for peak holiday season.

It’s not yet known precisely which locations will be included in SMARTY’s roaming scheme, although we’re assured that inclusive roaming on SMARTY will include 28 EU destinations. And we’ve been told it will encompass “many more” too.

SMARTY has also confirmed that this June customers will also be able to call international and premium numbers.

Until this is introduced, the network is recommending that customers make those calls via apps such as WhatsApp.

A SIM-only specialist whose service is based on Three’s nationwide 4G network, SMARTY’s plans are marked by out by their simplicity.

There are just three SIM-only plans to choose from, starting at £7.50 per month for monthly allowances of 2GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.

All operate on a rolling-contract basis and allow customers to get money back on their monthly bills for any data left unused at the end of the month.

Find out more about SMARTY's refer a friend scheme.

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