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Free Spotify app set for overhaul

Spotify app

Spotify is looking to make major changes to its smartphone app for users who don’t pay a monthly subscription for the music streaming platform.

A report, citing unnamed sources, says that the updated app will offer speedier playlist access and offer listeners greater control over the songs they hear.

At the moment, the free, ad–supported app does not allow users to readily access every song in the same way as those who pay the £9.99 per month fee.

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It’s not yet clear when the new app will launch, but Spotify has an event slated for 24th April, when it is expected to unveil its own smart speaker to rival Amazon and Apple.

It’s likely plans for the app will at least be announced then.

Musicians are likely to object to Spotify’s new app plans, having previously criticised the Swedish company for giving away music for free.



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