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  5. iPhone 8 touchscreens become unresponsive after iOS 11.3 update

iPhone 8 touchscreens become unresponsive after iOS 11.3 update

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus front hero image

iPhone 8 users who replaced broken screens via third-party repair services claim that their devices have been rendered unusable by the latest iOS 11 update.

iOS 11.3, released last month, addresses the iPhone battery-drain issue which caused Apple a huge headache at the turn of the year.

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However, it seems Apple has taken the opportunity to once again impress on users that they should only use official repair services, after a report cited myriad cases of iPhone 8 handsets not working after the update.

Repair services in the US say that despite replacing iPhone 8 screens with no problems since its launch in September 2017, consumers are now returning to them saying their screens are unresponsive.

Some believe the issue centres on a microchip which powers the display, which no longer works when iOS 11.3 is installed.

Apple has yet to make an official comment on the problem. However, it has plenty of previous when it comes to stymying devices that have been fixed by third parties.

In 2016 an error led to the iPhone’s home button being rendered useless if it had been replaced by an unauthorised repair shop.

Last year, replaced iPhone 7 screens were left unusable due to an update to iOS. The latter error was later fixed by Apple issuing a further software update.

Once again it appears Apple is forcing consumers to use its costly repair services, by underscoring that fixing devices with cheap, third-party parts voids an iPhone’s warranty.



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