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New iPhone set to feature gesture controls and curved screen

iPhone X Plus concept

Apple is working on a new–look iPhone which will feature gesture controls and a curved screen aimed at making the device stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The changes have been billed as ‘radical’ by sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans.

The display will curve inwards from top to bottom, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which drops down at the side.

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Gesture controls will allow users to interact with the screen without touching it, functionality which has long been trialled by mobile-makers but failed to catch on due to its inaccuracy.

The sources who revealed Apple’s plans claim that the tech is still two years away from being ready.

That means it would likely feature in a new iPhone model in three years’ time, after the California company had had time to test it properly.

The upshot is that the handset won’t see the light of day until 2021 at the earliest.

Apple has only recently changed the design of the iPhone, dropping the home button and adding a notch to its iPhone X.

That has led to a string of rivals opting to do the same, with Huawei, LG and OnePlus all following Apple’s lead.



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