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Pixel 3 confirmed by Google

Google Pixel 2 hero size front and back

The existence of the Google Pixel 3 has been confirmed, after leaked code including the name of the next–generation Android smartphone was discovered by eagle–eyed developers.

The Pixel 3 is explicitly mentioned by Google in code relating to new tech designed to make it easier for mobile-makers to upgrade to the latest version of Android.

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Other than the name, there are no more details from Google about what to expect from its third-generation Pixel phone.

Previous rumours have pointed towards Google launching three new Pixel phones in 2018.

This is said to include a basic, budget model running Google’s stripped back Android One platform as well as a standard update to the Pixel 2. And purportedly completing the trio is a larger Pixel 3 XL aimed at taking on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone X Plus.

A launch date is likely in late 2018, with Google desperate to ensure the smartphone business it bought from HTC last year makes its new phones more popular than before.



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