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2018 iPhones set to support fast charging thanks to new accessory

iPhone X Plus concept

Apple’s 2018 iPhone range could support fast charging, with the tech giant purportedly planning to include special USB–C charging adapters with its forthcoming smartphones.

That’s according to a new rumour emerging from China. Apple-watchers there believe the adapter and special Lightning to USB–C cable will be included in the box alongside Apple’s three new iPhones.

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Although last year’s iPhone models offer fast charging, they require users to buy third-party charging adapters and separate cables in order for it to work.

This workaround, however, means new iPhone owners won’t be left out of pocket and could get up to 50% battery power from just 30 minutes of charge.

This move would at last put Apple on a par with the very best Android smartphones, which have long since offered fast charging tech.

These phones, including the OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy S9, do not require a special adapter because they are powered by USB–C rather than a proprietary port like Apple’s Lightning.

Apple is unlikely to drop the latter, meaning this bundled adapter is the best that iPhone owners can hope for.

Apple’s 2018 iPhone range is expected to launch in September.



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