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Next iPhone to come with bundled fast charger

iphone fast charger chargerlab

The latest iPhones all feature wireless charging, but are still lagging behind rival models that come with a fast charger. But with this year’s models, the iPhone could finally catch up.

That’s because Apple is rumoured to sell the new models with a fast charger.

According to a website dedicated to charger news and reviews – yes, such things exist – the new iPhones will ship with a bundled 18-watt charger.

That’s much more powerful than the 5-watt charger that current iPhones come with. Which should make them juice up much quicker.

Fast chargers are mighty useful. Just a few minutes of charging can add around 50 per cent battery life on some models, which can be a lifesaver.

The current models support fast charging, but don’t come with a fast charger in the box.

Chargerlab has mocked up how the charger might look. Obviously it’s a European plug, whereas the British version would come with a standard three-pin plug.

Just like the current model, it’s a USB-C to Lightning port, so it looks like Apple isn’t changing its ports this time around. Which will be a relief to accessory-manufacturers everywhere.

It would also be thinner than the current charger, and not in the current square shape.

This info comes from sources on the production line. The new iPhones are due to launch in September – we’ll bring you all the news and rumours until then.



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