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iPhone X LCD: Apple expects device to be 2018’s biggest seller

iPhone X app screen hero image

Apple looks set to produce more of its heavily–tipped, low cost LCD iPhone X than the pricier OLED–based iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus.

The decision is said to stem from concerns about consumers' willingness to pay a premium for top–end smartphones.

Not put off by the iPhone X high price tag? Here's what we know about it so far.

Sources have long believed Apple to be readying a trio of new iPhones for release in September.

Alongside an updated iPhone X model, a 6.5–inch iPhone X Plus is believed to be in the works alongside the aforementioned, more affordable LCD model.

The latter, which is thought to pack a 6.1–inch screen, will apparently come in as much as £300 less SIM–free compared with the current £999 iPhone X.

Sources close to Apple say that it has asked manufacturers to produce more of the LCD iPhone X as it looks to ensure market dominance over Samsung.

What’s more, the same insiders say Apple will use the older screen tech in 2019’s iPhone range as well.

LCD screens tend to drain smartphone batteries quicker than OLED ones, although the latter offer a bright display.



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