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2018 iPhones set to come with fast charger


Apple looks set to bundle a new fast charger with its forthcoming crop of new iPhones, according to sources close to the company’s Asian supply chain.

Word is that the 18W fast charger will come in the box alongside the updated iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and heavily touted iPhone X LCD.

It means that the new devices could potentially go from zero to 50% power within half an hour. Apple’s current iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus offer fast charging, but users have to shell out extra for a special charger.

The news comes just weeks after the new fast charger was pictured by Apple tipsters. The new power brick looks similar to the current model, but offers a Lightning to USB–C cable to facilitate quicker charging.

This new standard will bring Apple in line with other mobile makers, who have long offered fast charging as standard with their handsets.



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