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Samsung Galaxy X folding phone: More details revealed

Samsung Galaxy X concept hero

Samsung has reportedly brought forward the release of its heavily–tipped Galaxy X folding phone due to fears that Apple is readying a similar device.

A new report from the company’s home country of Korea claims that Samsung executives are so concerned about Apple’s plans, along with those of rival Chinese mobile makers, that it has decided to launch the Galaxy SX at next January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This tallies with analyst claims that the folding phone would launch before the regular Galaxy S10. The same report also reiterates that the Galaxy X will only be available in limited numbers as Samsung looks to gauge interest before a wider rollout.

Rumours in recent weeks have suggested that the Galaxy X will fold out into a lager tablet format, with the ability to also hold it like an open book. Such a device has only ever been a concept, so how it will work in the real world and be received by consumers conditioned to slabs of metal and glass up to 6.5–inches big remains to be seen.

Prior to the Galaxy X, Samsung will launch its new Note 9 in New York on 9th August.


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