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  5. Android Pie Go edition has more storage, faster boot times

Android Pie Go edition has more storage, faster boot times

Details emerge of the stripped-back, budget version.
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There’s a lower fat version of Android Pie on the menu, and now we have more details about it. Android Pie (Go edition), as it’s officially known, is part of the Android Go programme, which offers a stripped-back version of Android for lower-specced phones in developing markets.

What's the full-fat version of Android Pie got to offer? Here's everything you need to know.

Android Pie (Go edition) comes with up to an additional 500MB of storage out of the box compared to Android Oreo (Go edition). That’s twice what you’d get on a non-Go edition phone.

It also delivers faster boot times, security features like verified boot, and an accessible dashboard for monitoring data consumption.

“Collectively, these features help solve some of the most common pain points for entry-level device owners: storage, performance, data management and security,” Google’s Sagar Kamdar wrote in a blog post.

Android (Go edition) launched in April, and is now available on over 20 devices in more than 120 countries.

Pared-back apps available for it include Google Go, YouTube Go and Files Go.



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