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  5. Google Pixel XL has fast charging problems with Android Pie

Google Pixel XL has fast charging problems with Android Pie

The update is causing a problem.
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Android Pie has many benefits, but it hasn’t rolled out without any hitches. Owners of the original Google Pixel XL claim that once they install the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system their phones’ fast charging feature won’t work.

In some cases, this even affects phones plugged in with Google’s own charger. Though some claim that Google’s charger works no problem, but third-party chargers don’t power up the phone as quickly as before.

Looking forward to getting Android Pie? Here's what you need to know.

Google does release monthly security updates that often include Pixel-only tweaks – these are separate from full Android updates.

Hopefully one of these will resolve the issue. Though for some reason, Google has marked the problem as “won’t fix (infeasible)”, which suggests it can’t or won’t find a solution.

That could just refer to the fact it can’t be fixed with a full Android update.

Some have reported similar issues with their standard original Pixel too, though the vast majority of complaints have concerned the Pixel XL.

The good news? The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL don’t seem to be affected.

Android Pie started rolling out last week. It learns your usage patterns and optimises the phone’s battery performance, while also adapting the screen’s brightness to optimise battery life.


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