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  5. Apple AirPower charging mat is still overheating, says analyst

Apple AirPower charging mat is still overheating, says analyst


We recently heard that Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is ‘doomed to failure’ and may never be released. Now a second analyst has thrown in his tuppence worth: the device is still plagued by its overheating problems.

That’s according to John Gruber, a noted Apple watcher of some standing. He says that it’s AirPower’s multi-coil design that’s causing it to overheat. Overheating has been rumoured as a problem for AirPower for some months now, so it seems Apple is struggling to fix it.

Apparently certain engineers looked at the AirPower design and said it could never work thermally, according to Gruber. “And now those same engineers have that ‘I told you so’ smug look on their faces,” he writes.

AirPower was shown off over a year ago, alongside the iPhone X. Since then, Apple has gone conspicuously silent. There was no mention of it at its recent unveiling of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

Whether Apple is trying to tweak AirPower’s design to stop it overheating, or has gone back to the drawing board and started again is anyone’s guess. But one thing is clear: don’t expect to see AirPower on sale anytime soon.


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