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iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max prices announced on Sky Mobile

iPhone XS and XS Max homescreen side by side hero

Sky Mobile has announced contract prices for the just-unveiled iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on its Swap24 and Swap12 contracts, ahead of the phones' pre-order date of 14th September.

If you’re an existing Sky TV customer, the iPhone XS is up for grabs from £43 per month on a Swap24 contract. That gets you 1GB of data per month, as well as unlimited data and texts.

If you want the same deal with the same allowances and you’re not a Sky TV customer, you’re looking at £53 per month. Once again that’s on a Sky Swap24 contract.

iPhone XS front and back camera lens hero size pack shot

Naturally, 1GB won’t get you too far. So if you think you need a more realistic allowance, we’d probably plump for the Swap24 deal that’s priced £49 per month for existing Sky TV customers. Or £59 for non-Sky TV subscribers.

For that outlay, you get 4GB of data per month, plus unlimited texts and calls.

As you'd expect, Apple’s top-of-the-range new phone, the iPhone XS Max, is pricier. Want the same Swap24 contract with 1GB of data per month and unlimited calls and texts? That’ll set you back £47 per if you take TV from Sky. And £57 if you don’t.

Like O2 Refresh and Tesco Anytime Upgrade schemes, Sky’s Swap12 and Swap24 contracts are intended to make it easier and cheaper for customers to upgrade to a new phone.

iPhone xs and xs max hero size

The upshot is that you’re not stuck with last year’s model when you’ve been coveting an up-to-the-minute handset.

More importantly, unlike some other comparable schemes you can trade-in your existing phone to offset the cost of the one you’re signing up for.

Sky Mobile’s key selling points include its Roll data rollover scheme that lets you stash unused data in a trove to be used whenever you like.

Customers are also able to change their data allowance up and down from month to month, to suit their usage habits.

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