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Apple releasing iOS 12.1 today

iOS 12 hero image

iOS 12.1 will be available to download today, 30th October, bringing with it a series of features that were initially slated for the original version of iOS 12.

The most noteworthy new feature is Group FaceTime. First trailed over the summer, it allows up to 32 people to join a FaceTime conversation.

While that sounds excessive, it’s likely to be a boon for conference callers, with the ability to join active calls and start a group chat from within the Messages app.

Elsewhere, there are a massive 70 extra emoji, with Apple now offering grey, curly and red heard characters, as well as a string of new food emoji including bagel, cupcake and mango.

New animals include llama, mosquito and kangaroo.

Owners of Apple’s latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will also be able to use a freshly added Depth Control feature, which allows snappers to apply background blurring before an image is taken.

With iOS 12 this can only be done after a picture is taken.

The release comes as Apple geared up for a special event in New York at 2pm UK time, when it’s expected to reveal a new iPad Pro and potentially updated AirPods.



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